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Nordic Influencer Marketing ApS is one of the largest influencer agencies in the Nordics, operating across all Nordic countries and social media platforms.

At Nordic Influencer Marketing ApS, our expertise is strategically divided into two key segments: Kids & Families and General Audience. We are specialists in leveraging the power of major media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

We guide influencers and other key people in an inspiring way to effectively communicate your brand and promote your products to their followers with confidence and authenticity. Finding the perfect influencer to represent your brand is essential to us.

At Nordic Influencer Marketing, we specialize in communication for Kids, Tweens, and Families. With over 20 years of experience in this segment, we offer the strongest service in the Nordic market. We collaborate closely with our sister agency ProKidsMedia, experts in strategy and media planning for Kids & Families.
Nordic Influencer Marketing partners with over 3,500 creators in the Nordics, enabling us to select top influencers across diverse target groups for your campaign. We collaborate closely with our agency agency NIM Media specializing in strategy, media planning, and buying for the general audience.
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About Us

Agency with more than 3,500 creators

Nordic Influencer Marketing ApS is the strategically responsible link between unique selected networks, representing everything from the most influential, powerful and reliable mothers on Instagram, to the fun talented gamer on YouTube, TikTok or Twitch.

We hand-pick Influencers to make sure your brand is associated with a suitable influencer and someone who cares for your brand.

The Perfect Solution For Your Brand!


We handpick unique Influencers that fit the agreed KPIs and goals of your desired campaign. Our PR cooperation typically consists of gifts with the aim of high awareness, but without requirements for the content.


Our paid partnerships are all under individual Influencer contracts, that allows for more demands from the brand – but does not compromise the freedom and creativity of the Influencer.


On our strategic partnerships, we pre-approve everything from the idea to the first creatives. Our amazing team of Influencers still have 100% creative freedom over their content.


Our office is warm and the coffee is good. We often has Influencers, stylist and other business inquires dropping by for a chat or to pick-up PR gifts. We would love to add your brand to the selection in our showroom.


Structure is part of our DNA so let us help you coordinate all the practical elements of hosting an event. We would also love to help you with the strategy aspects such as creating the PR goals of the event, the guest list, and the communication.


Our in-house photographer is renowned for creating captivating visuals that resonate authentically with brands' social media presence, ensuring impactful and engaging content for digital audiences.

We exclusively hand-pick every single influencer, whether it is from an international influencer software or through our many years of relationship-building knowledge with agents or influencers themselves. We brief our influencers by creating a one-pager for inspiration and a long brief for execution. This ensures a successful campaign!
Nordic Influencer Marketing handles the campaign from start to end. We have a logistic setup and we take care of everything from pick, pack and send. Just send it all to us! We are NUF-registered in Norway and thus handle VAT and customs duties for the customer
Every collaboration is followed by a comprehensive evaluation. We ensure transparency and accuracy by relying exclusively on statistics from our influencers, providing you with reliable insights. All our partnerships are secured by contracts, ensuring legal compliance and that your brand is represented with integrity and professionalism.


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