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We work strategically and passionately when creating tailored solutions for your brand through our full-service agency. Set up a 360-degree personalized plan or tap into just a single of our services, to start elevating your brand and build awareness.


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PR & Marketing

As a full-service agency, we passionately create tailored PR & Marketing solutions. Utilizing press pitches, influencer marketing, events, newsletters, and creative send-outs, we leverage our extensive network for your brand’s success.



Influencer Marketing

We manage influencer collaborations tailored to your brand through our extensive network. Whether it’s creative PR, paid campaigns, or design collaborations, we prioritize your brand’s success with a personalized approach.





We craft monthly themed newsletters with highly relevant content for our extensive Nordic network. Join us for themed updates or annually to showcase your product portfolio to key press and profiles in the region.





We manage and host press and influencer events of any scale across the Nordic countries. From concept to guest management and production, we ensure seamless execution and impactful outcomes. Look in our gallery for previous events. 




In Copenhagen’s city center, our cozy showroom offers a central spot to showcase your brand. Whether on a monthly retainer or project basis, benefit from daily visits by influencers and prominent profiles, always welcome for coffee and browsing.


Content Creation

We partner with photographers and stylists to create diverse creative content for your brand, handling everything from concept to production. Whether for campaigns, social media content, packshots, or lookbooks, we ensure high-quality outcomes.



Specializing in the travel segment, we excel in creating unique opportunities for your brand through curated press trips and influencer retreats. Let us craft compelling stories and leverage influencer content to showcase your brand authentically.


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Our Clients

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At NIM PR, we proudly partner with an array of exceptional brands spanning family, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and interior sectors. With over 20 years of in-house experience, our full-service approach at NIM Agency ensures tailored PR, influencer marketing, and marketing strategies for every brand we collaborate with. Visit our showroom to explore our diverse portfolio—we’re equipped to assist and elevate any brand  

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Bobby Balloon

Bobbi Balloon is a popular, timeless brand of baby clothing and essentials, known for its high-quality, sustainable, and organic materials. 


Rebello Decor

Rebello Decor’s lighting designs are aesthetic, classic, and built to last. Handmade from solid materials, these lamps age gracefully without fading. 


ENAGI crystals are unique, high-energy fluorite crystals with a stronger vibration. As stunning decorative objects, they harmonize and bring peace and balance wherever placed, whether in a room or on



B-Uniq offers top-quality beauty products and excellent training programs for both B2B and B2C customers. 


Since 1883, Ravensburger has brought joy and education to people worldwide with their diverse range of puzzles and games. Ravensburger remains an exciting and enduring brand.

MAKI / Tonies®

The Toniebox is a unique, screen-free audio player that combines physical figures with digital content. Kids place their favorite characters on the box to start endless stories. 

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BRIO is a Swedish toy company founded in 1884, famous for its high-quality wooden railway sets. The company focuses on durable, imaginative toys that promote child development and sustainability.

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Alga is a Swedish toy company founded in 1917, known for its board games and educational toys. Their products focus on fun, learning, and creativity, making them popular with families.


We Do Events!

Do you want us to host your next event? 

On August 25th, we hosted an exclusive event at our Copenhagen showroom for Nordic Influencer Marketing, featuring cool brands, inspirational speakers, and delicious food for 300 influencers, press, business partners, and friends. NIM PR handled invites, RSVPs, catering, and production.

The event supported KidsAid Denmark, aiding sick and vulnerable children. The day included talks from notable speakers and showcased brand collections. Guests enjoyed treats from Husted Vin, Aske Eats, Twiyo, and Sushi Lovers, with generous goodiebags from Goodiebox. We look forward to the next event!  

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